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“4th International conference on Information Security “Nullcon 2012 Delhi
“Training is not a product. It’s a process…”
Nullcon Training on “ Xtreme Web Hacking” by Akash Mahajan and Riyaz Walikar


The objective of this training is to provide an in-depth approach to Web Application hacking and is meant to create an environment for participants to create, test and verify exploits for various web application vulnerabilities in multiple simulated application settings. This course is meant for people who have a basic web programming background and are keen to get started on hacking, testing, defending and building web applications.
Course Content

1. Web Application Security Basics
2. Web Application Infrastructure Design Fundamentals
3. Hacking and Protecting Web Application Servers
4. Infrastructure Security 101

a. Web Server common misconfigurations
b. Port scanning, service discovery
c. Vulnerability Assessment, reducing the attack surface
d. Auditing users, file permissions
e. Sandboxing, securing processes from running wild

5. Application Security

a. OWASP Top 10
b. Clickjacking and UI Redressing
c. HTTP Parameter Pollution & HTTP Response Splitting
d. Side Channel Attacks in SSL

6. Attacking User Data

a. Common Database mis-configurations
b. Secure hashing and encryption
c. Rainbow tables

Who should attend?
 Web Application Developers
 Web Application Security Consultants
 Penetration Testers
 QA Professionals
 System Administrators with basic scripting knowledge

Sponsored By: – MICROSOFT, PRAXEVA, Associate Sponsor – HACKER5
Cocktail Sponsor – SANS
Executive Brefing Sponsor – Watchguard
Dates: – 26 -29 September 2012 | Venue – Hotel Leela Kempinski , Gurgaon.
For more details Contact – Harshit Mahajan +91 09004017799 Email- harshit@nullcon.net
Register Now: – http://www.nullcon.net/website/conference/registration.ht
| Website -www.nullcon.net |

Nullcon Training ( Web Hacking Workshop )


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Nullcon registration

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NullCon Registration

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Nullcon Sep 28th 2012

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