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SiliconIndia Women Leadership Summit is all about how to reach the next level in your professional life. You will discover how to channel your expertise and creativity into an effective leadership style that delivers results and allows you to stand out from the crowd. This unique one-day Summit provides a platform for like-minded women to learn, develop, connect, and network so that you can harness your inner qualities and bring out the best in you as an effective and authentic leader.

Finding, expressing, valuing and modeling authentic leadership takes courage, character and capability. It requires a deep sense of purpose to make a meaningful difference in the world and alignment with one’s core values. Today’s organizations are crying out for leaders who serve, help and elevate others. Increasingly forward-thinking organizations are recognizing the value and impact women leaders contribute to business, families and our communities.

Your company perhaps may have a structured women initiatives program. However, there aren’t many forums where women professionals can meet their counterparts from other organizations and exchange notes. Peer networking is essential for one to rise up in a professional career. SiliconIndia Women Leadership Summit is our endeavor towards that goal. This an opportunity for you and all women professionals in your organization to benefit from the Summit.

We know that there are many amazing women working in the IT industry, across all areas and backgrounds. Many of these amazing women will speak at the SiliconIndia Women Leadership Summit and give insight into their daily life: some purely technical, some social, others cover dealing with the constraints of working in this so called mans world, balancing work with family and achieving amazing personal & career goals, while others are just damned entertaining. Our aim has been to create a platform that brings these women together in one place, to create a wealth of knowledge that covers the amazing strength, agility & force that is Women in Technology! We also hope that by sharing our experiences we can encourage leadership development among women & also enlighten women thinking of a career in technology.

SiliconIndia Leadership Summit provides you outstanding opportunities to get connected to amazing and highly successful professional women from the technology industry as they share their knowledge, experiences and insights to help empower more women to achieve their goals.

Don’t miss this exciting opportunity. Kindly note, there is a nominal registration fee of Rs 250 towards lunch, tea & coffee.


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