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There is a Neo Freerunner meetup scheduled on Saturday, 2010 Jan 09 in Bangalore.

Since the timing for the meet was not mentioned, mail Manish Chakravarty [manishchaks at gmail d0t c0m],

if you are interested in attending this meet at TW.

TW’s address :

ThoughtWorks Technologies India Pvt Ltd ;

2nd Floor, Tower C,

Corporate Block ; Diamond District ;

150 Old Airport Road ;

 Bangalore – 560008


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We at ThoughtWorks are delighted to invite you to our latest GeekNight. An exciting talk awaits you!
Abstract of the Talk
This GeekNight will focus on tips and techniques to engineer your .NET application for high performance and the performance analysis methodologies that you can follow. In the new era of multi-core processors, we constantly talk about threading challenges and methodologies for writing threaded code.

We will also talk about tools (with some demos) that are available to improve performance and will outline some of the best practices for writing high performance .Net code. Milind will also speak in detail about Garbage collection, ASP.NET and ADO.Net performance tips


ThoughtWorks Technologies,
2nd Floor,Tower C,
C Block, Diamond District,
Airport Road,
Bangalore – 560 008,



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