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November edition of Startup
Saturday Bangalore.

Theme: To be or not to be an entrepreneur

Many aspiring entrepreneurs are still stuck and not able to take the
Plunge. Serial Entrepreneur Suryanarayanan A will take a workshop with
live case studies of the Lightening Pitch companies and share vital
aspects of starting up.

Venue – North Pergola, IIMB, NSRCEL 10:00 AM – 1:00 PM

Event Agenda:

   * 10 – 11:00 AM – Lightning Pitches

     Lightning Pitches as the name suggests are quick presentations
for a duration of 2 minutes or less followed by a Q & A session with
the audience. They can help you in various ways including providing
with a valuable audience to gain feedback, suggestions, and ideas to
move ahead in your business.
     Presenting startups in this month’s LP session:
        1. Printisfun (www.printisfun.com)
        2. Noesis Info Services (www.noesistec.com)
        3. DonateYourPC.in
        4. Beezang (http://www.beezang.com)
        5. Vpe Knowledge Solutions Pvt Ltd (www.vpeksolutions.com)
        6. Indian Drinks (By Anirudha & Nivedita)
        7. Campus2Hire (www.campus2hire.com)
        8. Slot open
        9. Slot open
       10. Slot open
   * 11 – 12:30 AM – To be or not to be an Entreprenuer

     Session and Moderated discussions by Surya covering
        1. Pre start up
        2. Firming up the idea
        3. Formation of the team
        4. Boot strapping
        5. When to raise money
        6. How to reach cash stability
        7. When to call quits

About Suryanarayanan:

     Surya, a Chartered Accountant by qualification, is the Chief
Operating Officer at the NSRCEL. He is also an alumnus of the
International Masters Program in Management of IIMB.He has over 28
years of professional experience, both as a corporate executive and
entrepreneur. After spending the initial years in the finance function
at Union Carbide and Nicholas laboratories, he joined a family run
pharma start up company, Recon and served as its Group Finance
Director. His stint as a serial entrepreneur started in 2000 and since
then he has successfully founded, funded and exited healthcare
ventures including MedyBiz, a disease management company and LifeKen,
an organized pharmacy retail chain.

   * 12:30 – 1:00 PM – Questions and Networking


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The October Startup Saturday will happen on the next Saturday. Considering the fantastic success we’ve had with the Lightning Pitches in the past few months, we will continue to host these sessions.

Lightning Pitches as the name suggests are quick presentations for a duration of 2 minutes or less followed by a Q & A session with the audience. They can help you in various ways including providing you with a valuable audience to gain feedback, suggestions, and ideas to move ahead in your business.

If you want to know more about Lightning Pitches and how they can help you, see this: http://network.headstart.in/projects/startup-saturday-bangalore/blog/2009/07/03/july-2009-nominations-for-lightning-pitches

If you want to nominate/present your startup or idea or service/product in the Oct SS, leave a comment with required details at our blog here (http://network.headstart.in/projects/startup-saturday-bangalore/blog/2009/10/02/lightning-pitches-nominations-for-october/). Don’t forget to give an email address where we can contact you back with the confirmation.

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Hey all,

There are still some slots available for the Lightning Pitches.

The last day to nominate yourself is tomorrow (9 July). Saturday is the event.

You can register here:

Alternatively, you can reply to me as well with all the details.

See you all at SS July 09.



On Jul 03, 2009 09:23 AM, VaijayanthiKM wrote:
> Hi all,
> The July Startup Saturday will soon be here. We have something exciting
> planned for this month!
> As you know, at every SS we have a couple of demos and what is called as the
> lightning presentations, a short 10-15 minute presentation by startups. This
> month, we’ve decided to do it a little differently. Instead of just two
> companies presenting, we plan to give opportunity to lot more to take to the
> stage and tell the community about their startups. We shall call this the
> Lightning Pitches.
> Lightning Pitches will be a 2 minute quick presentation of your startup
> followed by  a 2 minute Q & A round with the audience. You can either do the
> presentation live or record it on camera and send us the video to be played
> at the event. You will still need to be present physically though at the
> venue to participate.
> This is an opportunity for all of you who are just starting out to get
> feedback from the community, and also help spread the word about your
> venture and maybe even gain your first customers.
> We will have place for six startups this month so register your details asap
> – the presenting startups will be decided by a panel of experts with
> preference to ‘first come, first serve’. But do not worry if your
> presentation is not confirmed for this month – We intend to maintain a
> waiting list which will be used to decide the next month’s set of six
> startups for the Lightning Pitches.
> To register, and read more about Lightning Pitches, head to the blog here
> (http://network.headstart.in/projects/startup-saturday-bangalore/blog/2009/07/03/july-2009-nominations-for-lightning-pitches)
> and leave a comment with your details and contacts. We will revert back to
> you once we shortlist the participants for this month.
> If you have any questions, you can ask that in the blog as well!
> See you at SS July ‘09.
> Regards
> VJ

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Dear all,

I have been a silent spectator in this forum for quite some time.
I am really thrilled with the new vigor we have witnessed after Bhaskara took the lead!

I am another entrepreneurship enthusiast like Bhaskara and help with organizing a similar forum for entrepreneurs in Bangalore, called Startup Saturday. We get a very focused crowd comprising of all members of the startup ecosystem (like angel investors, VCs, media, lawyers, investment bankers, startup service providers, startup job seekers etc).

Startup Saturday’s are monthly entrepreneur meets organized by a not-for-profit called the HeadStart Foundation, and are held on the 2nd Saturday of every month across 5 Indian cities including Bangalore.
The purpose of these meets is threefold:-
1. Promote networking among entrepreneurs, aspiring entrepreneurs, service providers, academia and techies.
2. Provide visibility and a closed door feedback to local startups. (Startup Demos)
3. Providing a platform for aspiring entrepreneurs to learn from experienced entrepreneurs. (Entrepreneur/Expert talks)

This mail is to invite you to the upcoming edition of Startup Satuday, happening on May 9 at IIM Bangalore. I think that it will be very useful for the aspiring and successful entrepreneurs in the list.

In Bangalore, these meets are theme based.
The theme for this month’s Startup Saturday is “Analytics” or in simple terms, how to apply maths and statistics on the data that you have to maximize your profits. This blog post covers in detail what you can expect.

10:00 – 10:20 : Introduction
10:20 – 10:40 : Demo: Anunay Gupta – marketelligent.com
10:40 – 11:00 : Demo: Parthasarathy Vallabhajosyula – analyticsquotient.com
11:00 – 11:20 : 30 Second Business Pitch (for members in the audience)
11:20 – 12:00 : Networking and Snacks
12:00 – 12:30 : Talk: Analytics for Startups – Nitin Godawat, COO Decidyn Systems
12:30 – 13:00 : Talk: Building an Analytics Product Company, Madan Pandit – CEO Textual Analytics

Entry: Free, however the registration is compulsory.
Venue: North Pergola, IIM Bangalore

Amit Singh

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The April 2009 edition of Startup Saturday will take place as per the following schedule. Check the Register section below to attend

Please join the list Headstart Discussions for staying tuned to all future announcements from Headstart and for discussions with like minded people.

If you are interested to speak at any of the Startup Saturdays in India, please send an email to – amit @ headstart dot in

Please scroll down to register now



10:00 – 10:20 : Introduction

10:20 – 10:40 : Demo: Crickick.com by Anand Gopalakrishna

10:40 – 11:00 : Demo: IndiaKhelo.com by Varun Gupta

11:00 – 11:30 : Lightening Demos – 5 mins:

Lightening Demos will comprising of a 3 minute elevator pitch and 2 minute live feedback from audience. Please come prepared! You can apply for a slot by replying to this blog post.

11:30 – 12:00 : Networking and Snacks

12:00 – 12:20 : Important questions a Startup should ask while developing a product. Ashish Sinha

12:20 – 12:40 : Demo by GoSports

12:40 – 13:00 : Demo by SportingMindz


Speakers and Demoing Companies:

Crickick.com was started by two IT industry experts Anand G. and Mayura BT. Started in December 2007, Crickick.com aspires to become the best website catering to cricketing content in the industry. Crickick.com is contributed by leading cricket statisticians of the country and is well known among the cricketing fraternity in India because of its content.

IndiaKhelo.com: IndiaKhelo team believes: it’s not that there is a lack of talent in our country when it comes to sports, it’s just that talented people are not getting the necessary recognition and motivation. A large number of talented youngsters are being overlooked because of the absence of a system to uncover talent. Even if a kid is good in a sport, he is not motivated by his parents to continue, as they are not aware of how talented their kids are apart from academics. IndiaKhelo was started to provide solutions to all these problems.

SportingMindz.com represented by their CEO, Sanjay Rao. SportingMindz has a spectrum of sports related technology products that range from Match Analysis for a variety of sports, to Umpire and Motion Anlysis. They also offer diverse services in the segment.

GoSports: GoSports intends to bring home more Olympic Golds. The GoSports team works with talented young athletes who have displayed the potential, commitment and drive to be winners on the world stage. They focus on making key interventions in their clients’ careers by securing them access to training, advisory, monitoring and representation services, sponsorships and other personal development opportunities.

Ashish Sinha: Ashish works as a Product Manager at Yahoo! and is the founder of the popular Startup blog – Pluggd.in. Ashish will be talking about the the importance of Product Management discipline for startups and would like to take audience input on a 1 day workshop that will be led by him.

Other Sports startups that have confirmed their presence:

iPredict by EtchTech.in represented by founder Nanjunda Palecanda. iPredict is prediction engine on the Web. Currently you can experience and benefit from the application of iPredict on Indian Premiere League Cricketing Statistics for the new season starting in April 18th 2009.

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Startup Saturday Bangalore’s Agenda in March : The Wealth in Health

Numo Solutions, a Bangalore based Mobile VAS company will demo its “Health Alert System” branded as Vaccimo. The key word is ‘care’: In today’s world of break-neck speed, Vaccimo enables Doctors and Hospitals to provide customized health alerts to their patients over SMS, Voice Messages and Email. “Connecting Web and Mobile and delivering content over SMS, Voice and WAP makes us unique in the Mobile VAS space” says CEO, Kesava Reddy. The service currently targets doctors with their own clinics who want to pay personal attention to their patients. Vaccimo contributes to a more aware world of healthcare. It also enables continuous improvements in services to patients.The Cradle, sharing his insights on the opportunities in the sector. The Cradle, an initiative of The Kids Clinic (Bangalore) Pvt Ltd in conjunction with the Apollo Hospitals Group, brings to Bangalore several pioneering and revolutionary concepts in birthing. Rohit will also share about his entrepreneurial journey of taking building a startup “The Kids Clinic” and creating a strategic partnership with a large establishment, “The Appolo Group” to produce a unique offering in the form of Cradle. I have had an opportunity to visit their premises in Jayanagar, and I must say it was nothing short of a 5 Star facility. You can take a virtual tour of Cradle here.

Numo started as an offshoot of MyDuniya Networks. “Numo is not a Health Care startup” clarifies Kesava, “Our approach is to build a horizontal platform, which one customize quickly to suit the needs of any vertical market segment”. In simple terms, this means that they have built a platform which makes it very easy to provide message/voice driven Value Added Services which can be applied to any market segment. Their approach is to not focus too much on technology (which is easy to replicate in any case), but to focus on entering and capturing new markets. They are set to launch a similar service named “EduStat” in the Education Space.Numo is looking forward to getting some authentic feedback on their services. We also request you, fellow HeadStarters, to invite people you know (mostly Doctors) who would be able to make use of Vaccimo and give Numo some feedback from a prospective customer’s perspective. If you have invited any such person, please connect them to me on amit at headstart dot in, and we will follow up with them from there on.

The guest talk will be in the Health Care space as well, with Mr. Rohit M. A., Director,

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  • Date: Feb 14, 2009, Saturday
  • Time: 10:00 a.m to 1:00 p.m – Tentative
  • Venue: Tentative – NSRCEL at IIM Bangalore
  • http://www.startupsaturday.in/index.php?title=Bangalore

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