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The iPhone sparked a revolution and an explosion of new applications. Today the iPhone Application store has a whopping 65,000 applications in the Apple iPhone and the application downloads in the iPhone have already crossed the barrier by 1.5 billion downloads till now. Google announced the Android Market for its Android platform, Microsoft has planned to launch the Windows Marketplace for their mobile platform, Research In Motion recently launched their BlackBerry App World, and then there’s Nokia with its Ovi Store.

The mobile app market is thriving. Hundreds of handsets are capable of installing and running apps, and a slew of big-name app stores are striving to compete. It is expected that the market for mobile applications will be “as big as the internet”, peaking at 10 million apps in 2020. The excitement around mobile applications is going to have a major impact on our economy, and our way of life.

This full-day conference will explore the new opportunities that are emerging and ask the larger questions of the industry leaders within mobile, shedding some light on where the industry is headed and how entrepreneurs and developers can take advantage.

Come listen to some of the brightest minds in mobile technology discuss the future of mobile technology. We’re gathering over 800 of the most interesting mobile developers, investors, executives, entrepreneurs, marketers, carriers, content developers and aggregators, advertisers and press for a day of in-depth discussion, debate and power networking.


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