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Do you know a student who is at crossroads, wondering which path to take, which courses to study?

What Next? 

The Indian schooling system and academic environment isn’t structured to pair an individual’s talents and aptitude with academic choices. That’s the reality. Hence students end up doing what is accepted as a natural progression of one’s academic life. Medicine, Engineering, Science, Commerce or Arts, with the latter options more a compromise than a premeditated decision. An obligatory MBA then follows more to create a level playing field than to develop an intimate understanding of management thinking.


The world has changed! And along with it career options and opportunities.


This is where iReboot comes in.


iReboot has engineered a program called What Next? to help students discover what they could be good at and empowering them to make an informed decision when the time comes.


Please find attached the program flyer.


Here is a brief description of what this program entails:


·         5 days of interactive sessions and field visits to help students explore the possibilities.

·         Introspection and counseling sessions to pair talent, aptitude and interests.

·         Exposure to more than 50 career possibilities.

·         Tools to learn about career possibilities.

·         Dates: May 18th to 22nd

·         Venue: St.Joseph’s Boys High School, Bangalore.


Please find the program flyer and agenda attached. 


Do spread the word and help make a brighter future for our younger generation.


We can be contacted on 9886295353 for more details.


iReboot believes that the future is truly in your hands.


Let us build a happier tomorrow with a happier society with happier people. 






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