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Codathon! Unleash your coding skills. It will be a battle of supremacy amongst code geeks in India. Do you think you have it in you to make it to the top amongst them?
Contest Details
It comprises of 2 parallel events for students and working professionals respectively. The contest involves writing and submitting coding solutions for 3 problems having distinct difficulty levels. You should solve the problems and submit an executable working program. The contest is open for registration with immediate effect. Registration shall close at 12:00 hrs on the 26th April 2014 Saturday and the contest shall be open for participation on the 27th April 2014 Sunday. You can submit the executable working program anytime between 00:00 hrs. to 23:59 hrs. on the 27th April 2014. Prize winners will be notified individually and a list will be published on the contest website within 14 days of the contest.
This contest is open to any individual from one of the 2 categories:
Student pursuing any engineering (UG or PG) degree program from any university / college in India.
Professionals with a minimum of a graduate degree acquired no later than 2013 and 9+ months of work experience in the field of software design and development.
This contest is not open to Informatica employees and anyone associated with Informatica in the capacity of an intern or a trainee on the contest day. It is also not open to any teaching faculty members.
Rules and Regulations
Registration is mandatory for participation.
Collaborating with anyone else or using any unethical means during participation is strictly prohibited and will result in your disqualification.
By registering for the event, you accept that the organizers decision will be final and binding. No disputes shall be entertained at the later date.
Contact Us
For queries reach out to us at iprogramming@Informatica.com


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