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One of indias largest ecommerce ventures – Tradus is looking for interns to
come work with us.
We work in a variety of languages like PHP, Java, Ruby, Python, etc. so
expect to work in a variety of languages. We are open to internships
ranging from 2 to 6 months.

We have several projects in web applications touching all aspects of high
performance web services as well as the inside secrets of ecommerce. More
than working on research projects, we believe in moving fast and breaking
things (with due apologies to Zuckerberg).

Our ideal candidate will be someone who is extremely comfortable with
programming – assume that you will be expected to build a prototype the
very first day! Please do share any samples of open source code (if any
like github,bitbucket,etc ) as they will be considered a plus for your
internship. We do not have any restrictions on degree/branch – however you
have to be GOOD in actual coding/programming.

In addition to a great stipend, you will get to work with some of the best
engineers in the industry… plus all the pizza you can eat!

Sandeep S Srinivasa
Director – Engineering

Sandeep Srinivasa sss@tradus.in


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Hello Hackers

It’s been almost 1 year since the last Yahoo! Open Hack in India. As an attendee of the 2009 event, we wanted to make sure you are aware of the next event.

We are excited to announce the next Yahoo! Open Hack in India hosted in Bangalore on 30th and 31st July.

For all the details, please check out the registration site: http://openhackindia2011.eventbrite.com/

If you register, please only select either a Hacker or a Tech Talk ticket, and NOT both. Details about the tickets are on the registration site.


The Yahoo! Developer Network

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India’s foremost Hacking Challenge – Your Shot to the Title of India’s
best hacker along with Prize money of more than Rs 150,000 up for
Search for India’s Best Ethical Hacker

HackHunt is India’s leading hacking competition and aims at awarding
the best ethical hackers in the country. The competition is brought to
you by Appin Security Group, a leading Information Security and
Ethical Hacking Company and Securitybyte, a global Information
Security Conference Company.

The competition will be conducted in 3 phases. The 1st two rounds will
be online and the 3rd and final round will take place at “Securitybyte
& OWASP Appsec Asia 2009” on November 17, 2009 at Crowne Plaza,

Level 1 – Knowledge Check
All the participants will be answering a quiz and based on the score
top 10% will be shortlisted to 2nd round… more

Level 2 – Skill Check
This stage will require an attacker to get to the final FLAG file
which he/she would need to register for the event…. Web application
attack, Network based buffer overflow attack Information in
Hand …more
Level 3 – Final Round
This stage will require the attackers to exploit a pre-announced SSID
which has WPA (or wpa 2)… more

More Details :
Mobile :- +91- 9717470565
E-Mail :-hackhunt@appinonline.com
Website :- http://www.hackerscouncil.org

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