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DevCamp on Rich Internet
applications on June 12th
This event is organized by ACM Bangalore at Honeywell Technology
Solutions Lab and for more details about the DevCamp please visit our
website: http://www.acmbangalore.org/

Please follow the link to register yourself for the event:

We look forward for your participation.

Please feel free to contact for any further information.

PS> Follow ACM Bangalore on facebook at
to receive invites for talks, tutorials and conferences


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Guys, a quick reminder – DevCamp Bangalore 2 happens on Saturday; do
register now at http://devcamp.in if you’re planning to participate so
we can make appropriate arrangements.

At this point in time we have 330 registrations and 19 sessions.

These include sessions by at least 5 people who are core committers on
various open source projects, one internationally known speaker and
author, and two entrepreneurs; and this just among the people whose
background I’m familiar with, so I’m sure there are many more people
with very interesting backgrounds who will be present.

So do sign up, and please spread the word among all the hackers you know 🙂


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DevCamp Bangalore 2
Saturday April 11, 2009

ThoughtWorks India Pvt. Ltd.

2nd Floor, Tower C, Diamond District Corporate Block, Airport Road
Bangalore, Karnataka 560008 Get Directions

DevCamp is an un-conference by the hackers*, for the hackers and of the hackers.

It’s a species of BarCamp where anything a lover of computers and
technology would consider important or entertaining goes.

The first DevCamp ( http://www.devcamp.in/wiki/DevCamp_Bangalore_1 ) happened a little over a year ago and was a lot of fun; we’re hoping to keep that trend going with DCB2.

If you’re planning to do a session at DCB2, do keep in mind the fact that everyone at DevCamp is a hacker, a pro. Please assume a high level of exposure and knowledge on the part of your audience and tailor your sessions to suit. Avoid ‘Hello World’ and how-to sessions which can be trivially found on the net. First hand war stories, in-depth analyses of topics and live demos are best.

Do forward this to any of your friends, colleagues or classmates who might be interested.

* Hacker as in http://www.cs.berkeley.edu/~bh/hacker.html

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DevCamp Bangalore 2

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