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A long awaited and most wanted Deaf Club requirement “Photography Workshop for Hearing Impaired” is here, by our own expert Photographer “Ravi Valdiya”.

What does the workshop Contain??? Many many learnings starting with:
◦Introduction to Photography
◦Components of Exposure + Analogy to human eye
◦Art of composition, How to use light and surroundings.
◦Know your Camera /Different types of Photography Gears and usage
◦Different Photography techniques, Rules and other basics (Dos and Don’ts )
◦Basic Editing and post processing techniques
◦Experience sharing
◦Exercise ( Visual) And Hands-On

When : 22nd March 2015, 9.30 am to 3 pm (lunch break 30 mins)
Where : Cheshire Livelihood Resource Centre, Cheshire Homes India-Bangalore, Opp to Manipal Hospital, Old airport road Bangalore-17

Limited to 20 Deaf members only, so confirm your presence now!


On behalf of Team GiftAbled


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An initiative of GiftAbled Foundation, Deaf Club is a platform/community of Hearing Impaired (HI), Sign language Interpreters and Volunteers who wish to work in the disability sector and for HI in particular.

The aim of this club is:
1. To highlight the presence of people with disabilities in everyday situations and portray them as integral and productive members of the society by shifting the focus from their impairments
2. To inculcate confidence, leadership skills, involving them in team work and giving them responsibilities… and
3. To promote Sign Language among the public at large.

Be part of our 1st Deaf Club Meet on
Saturday, September 20th from 3 pm to 5.30 pm at Asvas, Bhavani Nagar, Dharmaram College, Near Dairy Circle, Bengaluru…

Join hands with us in making ours an Inclusive Society. Confirm your presence now by filling your basic details at:


P.S: The word deaf is used not to offend anyone but to reach out to masses! Also for everyone’s knowledge “Deaf” word is largely accepted by the Deaf Community…
Contact us for any clarifications:)

Team GiftAbled
Creating Inspiring Transforming

“’GiftAbled’ strives to connect individuals and Specially-abled with a vision to sensitize masses to build an inclusive society.”






Sometimes we don’t encounter problems; rather problems find some of us who have the vision and a resolve to make the world a better place. Something similar happened when Prateek and Prarthana working on an event with blind kids had to struggle in order to arrange apt gifts for them. The immediate question that struck them was what if a sighted person needs to give a card to a blind. If a sighted gives him card with words that a blind can’t read, He will have to take help from someone. What if a blind has to gift a card to a sighted, again take help? Why not have a greeting card which can be read by both of them, which is in Braille and in language which a sighted can see. Also through their experience of working with blind in past they thought a blind might relate to music so why not search for few musical instruments etc but then the thought came was not necessary that all blind would connect to music. This moment of realization and a vision to bridge this gap led to this initiative known as GiftAbled Foundation.
When we think about making a difference to the disabled, we usually think about their education, jobs and career. But ‘GiftAbled Foundation’ is a different approach that has thought about Disability from the emotional front as well.
GiftAbled Foundation, strives to connect individuals and specially-abled with a vision to sensitize masses to build an inclusive society

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