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Cloud For Startups (Understanding Cloud Technologies)

Having taken the plunge of being an entrepreneur and starting a start-up business, it is likely that you are faced with the challenge of which technology to use. In the current market, the only certainty is that you do need to be online, somehow. “TO BE OR NOT TO BE – ON THE CLOUD” will be your next primary question.

How can start-ups leverage cloud technologies? How does the cloud work in reality? What is a multi-tenant application? How does one build applications that can be easily scaled up on the cloud? How does one migrate a website to a cloud?

Does cloud computing allow start-ups to run as efficiently and effectively as possible? How does one take advantage of the power of the cloud for one’s business? What are the key factors to consider when evaluating a potential move to the Cloud?

Participate in the NSRCEL Cloud For Startups seminar to get inputs on cloud technologies and to generate ideas on how you could leverage this crucial technology tool to make your business more successful.

Date: Saturday, July 06, 2013
Venue: Audi @ IIMB
Time: 09:30AM to 01:30PM

Free to attend, Registration is must
Register now: http://cloudst.doattend.com/


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Anant is visiting Bangalore and can give the following talk on Dec 1st 2011 if there is an interest within this group. my email [masked] Abstract:: Anant will talk about relational, NoSQL and other techniques with respect to building cloud applications, but also from the provider side of it. Anant has been involved in the space of data and databases for a long time (e.g. his hadoop summit keynote), and for the last few years, he was also the co-chair of IBM’s Cloud Computing Architecture Board (e.g., his cloud slam 11 talk), so he will bring the two perspectives — data, and cloud, together, and posit what would hopefully be provocative, or at least evocative of new thinking for the audience.

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