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Vedas are not only the fountainhead of Indian culture but also the most ancient and cherished heritage of the world. In them we find a synthesis of reason and devotion, freedom and responsibility, art and science, nature and culture. The highest aspects of human values are enshrined in the Vedas. Thus the Vedic literature is the cherished treasure of everybody, transcending the barriers of gender, class, race and nationality. Therefore, it is the primary duty and national pride to pursue and perpetuate this glorious tradition.

Since its inception in 1938, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan (BVB) has been working in the light of this sublime vision, its hundreds of publications dealing with Vedic literature along with the manifold programmes standing as a testimony to its commitment to the Vedic lore. In continuation of this legacy, the Bengaluru Kendra, as a part of Bhavan’s Platinum Jubilee, is presenting a meaningful weeklong interface with the Vedas so that the lay and the learned, and the young and old enthusiasts of the Vedas share their thoughts and enrich themselves.

In association with ISKCON this centre is organizing a weeklong VEDA – SAMVADA (July 21 to 28, 2013) at ISKCON Auditorium to enlighten younger generation to make use of the Ancient Wisdom in Vedic texts in everyday life. The focus is on aspects of Rig Veda, Yajur Veda, Sama Veda and Atharva Veda.

His Excellency Dr. H.R.Bhardwaj, Governor of Karnataka, will inaugurate this unique programme on July 21 at 11am at ISKCON Auditorium. Eminent scholars across India are expected to participate in different sessions which include Veda chanting, demonstration of Veda, rendition of Vedic texts with meaning, apart from music and dance recitals based on Vedic texts. Felicitation to Scholars, Open House Discussions, Film Shows on Vedas and Exhibition of Manuscripts, Books, CDs/DVDs on Vedic Literature will be a special attraction.


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Equity For Startups

Dear sreedhar,

Greetings from NSRCEL!

Among the more important decisions that an entrepreneurs makes is that of raising capital. Many choices have to be made in this context: Debt versus Equity. Own funds versus Funding from outside investors and so on. These choices have long term implications for the entrepreneur as well as the start-up. Equity funding is essential for the growth of a startup. Apart from providing critical funding equity investors also often bring added value by way of connections and strategic advice.

At the same time raising equity capital means sharing control and sharing wealth with the investors in the firm. Allowing investors in the firm to engage with the management of the startup calls for a certain degree of compatibility between the investor and the management of the enterprise. Absence of such compatibility can lead to unhappy relationships between the investor and the management team.

All things considered, managing the equity of a start-up is among the most critical decisions that an entrepreneur needs to make. It involves many trade-offs on the entrepreneurial journey. Which makes Managing the Equity of A Start Up a challenging question. What does dilution of equity mean? How does the arithmetic of dilution work? How does an entrepreneur decide on when to raise equity? And how much of equity to raise?

Managing equity mobilization is not a science. It is best to learn about it from those who have been engaged in that art as entrepreneurs, investors and analysts.

Participate in the NSRCEL Equity For Startups seminar to get inputs on Equity management and to generate ideas on how you could leverage this crucial tool to make your business more successful.

Date: Saturday, Aug 03
Time: 09:30 to 13:00

It is free to attend, registration is must


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