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Ruby Conference

RubyConf is happening in Bangalore, India early next year. Here’s the link to the (currently rather brief) RunConf India 2010 website.




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Source: EventsBangalore

Oct 27, 2009‘Science & Buddhism Collide’: a talk on the prospects of collaboration between Buddhism & Science at CKSL on November 1, 2009 from Events Bangalore by darima

Buddhism has had a long history of intense probing into the true nature of reality both at physical and non-physical level. In this objective and the methodological rigor it shares a lot with modern science. Recently there has been rapidly growing interest among scientists to conduct research into Buddhist theories and practices especially those related to the mind and its development. The Buddhists, who likewise have shown great interest in learning from modern scientific discoveries, reciprocate this interest. As a result there is a constant dialogue between scientists and Buddhists these days through different forums.
His Holiness the XIV Dalai Lama’s personal interest in science resulted in a unique in-depth dialogue between Buddhism & Science, which was institutionalized as Mind and Life Institute. As well as engaging personally in dialogue with Western scientists and promoting scientific research into Buddhist meditative practices, the Dalai Lama encourages Tibetan scholars to engage with science as a way of revitalizing the Tibetan philosophical tradition. He has led a campaign to introduce basic science education in Tibetan monastic colleges and academic centers.
The talk will be given by Venerable Geshe Nyima Tashi, who currently heads such a program – “Science Meets Dharma” at Sera Jey Monastic University. He is a distinguished faculty member of the University, who served as the head of “Philosophical & Dialectical Studies” department of the University in the past.
The talk will focus on the latest findings common for Buddhism & Science.
Schedule: Sunday, November 1, 2009
10:00 AM – 11:15 AM –Talk, part 1
11:15 AM – 11:30 AM – Tea-Break
11:30 AM – 1:00 PM – Talk, part 2, Q&A session
The teaching is open and free to everyone.
Venue: Choe Khor Sum Ling Centre, Ashwini, No. 24, 1st floor, 3rd Main St, Domlur Layout 1st stage, Bangalore 560071
Contact info: tel. 080 41486497, e-mail – info@cksl.in.

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Source : Critical Mass Bangalore by Lavanya K

It is really funny that some of our malls and the bazaars have parking space for cars but cannot accomodate cycles in their parking lots. So, itz time to gather some mass at these malls and create some fuss.

So, here we go with our CMR for October –
Starting point : Bangalore Press Club, Cubbon park
Date: 31st October, Saturday
Time: 4:30 pm
Final destination: Forum Mall & Big Bazaar, Koramangala
Route: We’ll figure out before we start, as usual – very well planned 😉

The plan is to go to forum and big bazaar and try and shop – but before we do that, we need to park our cycles. And to our surprise, we find that we cannot park our ‘vehicles’ there – so what do we do now? We go in and write a suggestion – each one of us – for cycle parking. Since we somehow anticipated this, we also carry with us nice little posters and letters to give to the management.

Folks staying near Koramangala, do join us at forum at around 5:30 if you cannot join us at Cubbon park.

If you know of any other places where cycle parking is allowed/NOT allowed, please do update this link.

See you all at forum this weekend.
— For Critical Mass, Bangalore Chapter

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Adobe DevSummit is the biggest annual developer event focused on the Adobe Flash Platform. This event attracts a rich demographic mix spanning designers and developers in India. Adobe has consistently showcased path breaking technologies at DevSummit.

For the first time DevSummit is coming to Chennai and Hyderabad. DevSummit in Chennai will be on 24th November, 2009 and in Hyderabad on 1st December, 2009. We will be posting more details on the event and venue soon :)

We would love to have the experts from the Adobe developer community take the stage and share their knowledge and insights on Adobe Flash Platform. Please find more details and submit your session proposals at the URL below.


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India’s foremost Hacking Challenge – Your Shot to the Title of India’s
best hacker along with Prize money of more than Rs 150,000 up for
Search for India’s Best Ethical Hacker

HackHunt is India’s leading hacking competition and aims at awarding
the best ethical hackers in the country. The competition is brought to
you by Appin Security Group, a leading Information Security and
Ethical Hacking Company and Securitybyte, a global Information
Security Conference Company.

The competition will be conducted in 3 phases. The 1st two rounds will
be online and the 3rd and final round will take place at “Securitybyte
& OWASP Appsec Asia 2009” on November 17, 2009 at Crowne Plaza,

Level 1 – Knowledge Check
All the participants will be answering a quiz and based on the score
top 10% will be shortlisted to 2nd round… more

Level 2 – Skill Check
This stage will require an attacker to get to the final FLAG file
which he/she would need to register for the event…. Web application
attack, Network based buffer overflow attack Information in
Hand …more
Level 3 – Final Round
This stage will require the attackers to exploit a pre-announced SSID
which has WPA (or wpa 2)… more

More Details :
Mobile :- +91- 9717470565
E-Mail :-hackhunt@appinonline.com
Website :- http://www.hackerscouncil.org

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7th November, 2009

11AM – 4:30PM


No. 3, RMZ Infinity – Tower E, Old Madras Road, 5th Floor,

Bangalore, Karnataka 560 016, India

080 67218000


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