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On the occasion of World Heart Day, Vydehi hospital brings to you a unique 10k run. Get your friends, kids, parents and everybody you know and run for the heart!

Register for the following categories:

  • 10K
  • 5k
  • Parents & children Fun run (1 K) 

For those of you who don’t run, the 5k is just the perfect first step! For those of you who are avid runners, the 10k awaits you. And for those of you who wish to spend a fun day with your kids, time to get as healthy as them by running the 1 K fun run.

Raise awareness against heart diseases and the benefits of a healthy lifestyle in fighting heart diseases. Registration for the race gives you a chance to get a heart check up at a steal at Vydehi, Mallya and Medinova hospitals – run with us, run for your heart! 

  • Date: 26th September
  • Time: 8 p.m.
  • Registration fees: Rs 150 (click here to register)
  • Venue: Vydehi Hospital, Whitefield (near ITPL) 

Run for Your Heart! 



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Raving Fans : Book Review

Raving Fans

written by Ken Blanchard and Sheldon Bowles

a revolutionary approach to customer service

by the author of The One Minute Manager

Your customer service slogan should be: No worse Than the Competition.
You’ll pay what they pay.
Decide what you want
he rolled to a stop by the booth an attendant in a bright kelly-green uniform opened hi car.
The sign above read: MAY WE POLISH YOUR SHOES? Under that, in large bold letters was the word: FREE
When you decide what you want you must- create a vision of perfection centered on the customer
Satisfied customers just weren’t good enough.He knew the first secret: DECIDE what you want.Next,he knew,he had to create a
vision of perfection centered on when the customer used the product.Finally,to check out how he was doing,he knew he he had
to bring the vision of perfection down to the level of what was actually happening and then see where the bumps and warts
I learned from Charlie that to succeed I need to create Raving Fans.Satisfied  customers just aren’t good enough.
I also learned that I have to decide what I want and then create a vision of perfection centered on the moment the customer
uses the product.
All you need to do is discover the customers’ vision of what they really want and then alter your vision if need be
First,unless you have your vision.,how can you understand the customers?
Second,when you find out what customers really want,what their vision is,it will likely focus on just one ore two things.Your
own vision has to fill in the gaps.
Finally,you have to know when to ignore what the customer wants and, if necessary, tell the customer to take his vision
elsewhere to be fulfilled
The customer’s vision might change your window, but if you don’t have your own vision to start with,you’ll never put the
necessary limits in place.
HAving your own vision before you talk to customers also puts you in a position where you can understand the customer’s
vision.It also allows you to fill in the gaps between your vision and their vision, so you have a complete picture.
First,you have to listen to the music as well as to the lyrics.Often what people really want doesn’t show up directly in what
they say.They may even say one thing and mean quite another.
Customers saying one thing and meaning another.That leaves two: ‘Fine’ and ‘silence’
When a customer complains,you know you’re hearing the truth.Listen to him.When a customer is a Raving Fan and is
enthusiastic,listen to him too.But when a customer is silent or says ‘Fine’ with a smile,you have to really perk up your
ears.You’ve got a problem.If nothinhg else,that customer isn’t a Raving Fan.
We haven’t uncovered  a single Raving Fan.PErhaps ninety-seven percent of our customers are so fed up they can’t even be
bothered to complain and tell us where we’re going wrong.I told you before,we have to learn to listen to the music as well as
to the lyrics.All I hear is the thundering applause of one hand clapping.
Wayne Dyer’s book  – You’ll see it when you Believe it.
He said,- If you get up in the morning expecting to have a bad  day,you’ll rarely disappoint yourself.He went on to say,’Stop
Complaining!Differentiate yourself from your competition.Don’t be a duck.Be an  eagle.Ducks quack and complain.Eagles soar
above the crowd.’
DELIVER THE VISION PLUS ONE PERCENT.But as you can see,it won’t fit and still be readable,so it’s been shortened to DELIVERF
The Secret says two things.First, it tells you to deliver.Not sometimes,not most times.But all the time.No exceptions
contemplated or allowed.Second, it talks about ‘plus one percent.’
Consistency is critical.Consistency creates credibility.
Consistency is a key to delivering Raving Fan Service.When you’re creating Raving Fans it’s  a fragile relationship.They’ve
been burned before and they don’t trust easily.You’re trying to pull them in and they’re usually trying to resist.Consistency
will overcome resistance,but in the meantime they’re watching like a hawk for you to mess up.
Customers count all right.They count on you to do what you say you’ll do.
Don’t offer too much service,atleast at the start.
To start with,limit the number of areas where you want to make a difference.First,it allows you to be consistent.
Second,you’ll be much further ahead doing a bang-up job on one thing rather than introducing a whole string of customer
service goals all at once.You’ll never bring it off.It just can’t be done that way.
You can always build toward the total vision once you’re successful with one or two things,but it’s difficult,if not
impossible,to try to change too much at once.
Regardless of what you promise,though,it’s consistency that’s important.Customers allow themselves to be seduced into
becoming Raving Fans only when they know they can count on you time and time again.
Exceeding expectations is important but it’s even more important to consistently meet expectations.
Meet First,Exceed second.
To be consistent you have to have systems.At the core of every great customer service organization is a package of systems
and a training program to inculcate those systems into the soul of that company.That’s what guarantees consistency.
Delivering your product or service properly time after time after time without fail is the foundation of Raving Fan customer
Rules create robots.Not systems.Systems are predetermined ways to achieve a result.The emphasis has to be on achieving the
result,not system for the system’s sake.That’s the difference between systems and rules.With a rule the emphasis is on the
procedure, not necessarily the result.We have rules about smoking within ten feet of a gasoline pump.We have systems for
delivering service.
The purpose of systems is to ensure consistency, not create robots.Rules do that.Our team members have to create the Raving
Fan experience for our customers every time.Systems give you a floor,not a ceiling.
Systems allow you to deliver a minimum standard of performance consistently.That’s important because if you fall short of
what you’ve said you’ll do,you’ve cheated the customer.
One percent has a second big advantage.Ongoing one-percent improvement will take you a long way from where you started,but it
also means you don’t blindly set a course and then follow it.
How the team members have to be flexible and change systems when necessary.The vision also has to be changing.Always
developing. Visions do only two things.They grow or they die.And when visions die,it’s customer service that gets buried.
You have to be ready to change direction when the vision changes,and on e percent allows you to alter course.You’re not
locked in,head down,driving one way,blindly pursuing a big goal,only to find when you arrive that the customer moved the goal
posts some time ago.
The perfect vision isn’t a frozen picture of the future.Customer’s needs and wants change all the time.
Flexibility had to do with what was delivered as part of the customer service product. Consistency had to do with how it wa s
Raving Fan Action Plan: Start small, one percent rule.
other books:
1.Gung HO:(How to motivate people in any organisation) outlines foolproof ways to increase productivity by fostering
excellent morale in the workplace.It is based on three core ideas to ensure that employees are committed to success and
presents a clear game-plan for implementing them.
2.Big Bucks (Make serious Money for you and for your company)
It offers new and irresistible practical advice to create money and get rich.How to overcome three challenges – the Test of
Purpose , the Test of Joy, and the Test of Creativity.
3. High Five
The Magic of Working Together
It uses a delightful and charming story to delivery a powerful message on team building and why ten simple words, “None of us
is as smart as all of us” will work magic for any organisation.
4. The ON-Time ,ON-Target Manager
How a ‘Last Minute Manager’ conquered Procastination
In every workplace , in every industry there lurks a diabolical career killer – procastination .
It tells the story of a manager who tends to put things off to the last minute. As a result he misses deadlines because his
lack of focus causes him to accomplish all the meaningless tasks before he can get to the important things.He was sent to his
company’s Chief who helps him deal with the three negative side effects of procastination : lateness, poor work quality and

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Online Events for Developers (to be streamed LIVE!) *
  Sunday, September 20, 2009
  Sunday, September 27, 2009
  Saturday, October 03, 2009
  Sunday, October 04, 2009
  Saturday, October 24, 2009
Online Events for IT Professionals (to be streamed LIVE!)*
  Sunday, September 20, 2009
  Sunday, September 27, 2009
  Saturday, October 03, 2009
  Sunday, October 04, 2009
  Sunday, October 25, 2009

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Online Events for Developers (to be streamed LIVE!) *
  Sunday, September 20, 2009
  Sunday, September 27, 2009
  Saturday, October 03, 2009
  Sunday, October 04, 2009
  Saturday, October 24, 2009
Online Events for IT Professionals (to be streamed LIVE!)*
  Sunday, September 20, 2009
  Sunday, September 27, 2009
  Saturday, October 03, 2009
  Sunday, October 04, 2009
  Sunday, October 25, 2009
In Person Events for Developers *
  Jaipur – 19th Sep 09
  Hyderabad – 20th Sep 09
  Delhi – 27th Sep 09
  Mumbai – 03rd Oct 09
  Ahmedabad – 03rd Oct 09
  Pune – 04th Oct 09
  Chennai – 11th Oct 09
  Kolkata – 11th Oct 09
  Trivandrum – 24th Oct 09
  Bangalore – 24th Oct 09
In Person Events for IT Professionals *
  Hyderabad – 20th Sep 09
  Delhi – 27th Sep 09
  Ahmedabad – 03rd Oct 09
  Mumbai – 03rd Oct 09
  Pune – 04th Oct 09
  Siliguri – 10th Oct 09
  Chennai – 11th Oct 09
  Kolkata – 11th Oct 09
  Bangalore – 25th Oct 09

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siliconindia IT Training Conference. Please note down the date and venue details :

Date of Event: September 19, 2009
Time: 9.00 A M to 5.30 P M
Venue: HAL Convention Centre, next to HAL Museum at Old Airport Road, bangalore

The registeration is free and you can directly walking at the event. You can also attend the conference where Experts from Microsoft, Oracle, Synopsis, IBM, Edita Testing, Aniframes, Glopore are speaking on why you need specialization and what companies looks in a candidate before hiring. To know all about the career make sure you should spare a day for your self on Sep 19, 2009.  You can also meet 30+ training institutes to know more about courses, Job opportunities, fees, time duration

For Updates please visit: http://www.siliconindia.com/training_symposium/index.php

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MoMoB Oct 2009-Tech Session on Adobe Flash Lite:
Based on the Adobe Flash Platform,Adobe Flash Lite is highly optimized implementation of the Flash Run time for mobile phones,consumer electronic devices and internet-connected home digital devices.Flash Lite enable OEMs and service providers to differentiate their devices via customized application and user interface,a more complete web experience and the ability to acess video and rich content across devices.Flash Lite for the digital homes enables the delivery of high definition content and rich application to the internet- connected TVs and TV-connected consumer electronic devises.Flash Lite for the digita homes enables the delivery of high-definition content and rich application to the internet connected.TVs and TV-connected consumer electronic devices in the digital living room.Additionally,Flash Lite allow developer to quickly create enaging applications,accelerate time to market and increase customer adaptation.Debashish From the Adobe Engineering Team will demonstrate how easy is to create Flash Lite application and Deploy on Phone.This will be a practical session,where the audience can follow the presenter on the laptop and eventually would have Flash Lite application ready for use.
Participants who are interested to follow the session Hands On should download the trial version of the Creative Suite after registering the link:http://www.adobe.com/cfusion/tdrc/index.cfm?loc=en&product=flash
First thing first for Flash Lite Development.
How to create,Publish,Test and Deploy a simple flash lite application on to a phone-This will be a practical session.
Creating a Real-Life-app-this will bring out the latent power of flash lite,it will touch upon the general concepts along with design and development approach-tis will also be on the Fly
Quick tips and trips.
Speaker Details:
Debashish Paul,
Lead Software Engineer
Tenure in MDBU:4Years
Was into multimedia,e-learning and advertising design nd developmentfor three years before Adobe
Have done a lot of concept mobile applications using Adobe Mobile Technologies
A co-inventor of a mo0bile interaction frame work.
Have got a couple of awards in usability and interaction design competitions.
Photography travel and wild life are few of the hobbies i am passionate about.
Date 10th-oct-2009Time 10:30 to 12:30
Tea/Coffee/light snacks break in between the workshop
Venue:Craig Barret Auditorium,
Sasken Communication Technologies Limited139/25,
Domlur Inner Ring Road,Bangalore,Karnatka-560071
Driving Directions:When driving down from Koramangala:
Take the left into the lane in front of Hyundai Workshop – just after Mother Earth – and then the first left, second right – leads up to Sasken.
When driving from Indiranagar –
Old Airport road flyover side:Drive past EGL offices on the left – stay on the ring road –
Take the U Turn and come back towards Hyundai Workshop – then take the left into the lane in front of Hyundai Workshop –
just after Mother Earth – and then the first left, second right – leads up to Sasken
Parking:Ample parking space is available in the grounds next to the Sasken building
Register here for the event http://momob1009.eventbrite.com (Event is free to attend but registration is necessary)

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OWASP NULL MEET 19th Sep 2009

OWASP is combined with NULL Bangalore

19th September 2009

The following talks are scheduled

1. SSL Cipher Ennumeration by Gursev
This is what he will be covering
    # Aim: Enumerate all ciphers suites supported by the web server.
    # Application: Auditing of cipher suites supported by web server.
Testing ciphers supported by web servers is mandatory for various
activities like PCI tests, Penetration testing
       and possibly other compliance issues.
    # Discuss about SSL basics (very basics)
    # Then we dig down and write a quick script using OpenSSL and Ruby
to help achieve the same.

2. Demonstration of a tool – Amit Parekh
3. Demo of the GIFAR attack – Amit Gupta
4. Discussion on security incidents in the past – Led by Gursev //
This may or mayn’t happen depending on the time we have

The talk Practical Aspects of Taking your Application to the Cloud by
Simran Gambhir is postponed till after he recovers from a broken foot.
Get well soon dude!


    Praxeva India Services Pvt. Ltd, Atrium Business Center, 66/1 2nd
Floor, Coles Road, Frazer Town, Bangalore-560005

Praxeva India Office Location on Google Map –

* End of mosque road there is a CCD, from there, if you look
diagonally opposite (onto coles road), you will see a pizza hut
(approx 100 meters). The office is on the 3rd floor of the pizza
hut building.

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